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Jan 14,2023

Beta Cardiff Business Directory Package

The Beta Directory Of Businesses in Cardiff Package includes the ability to have your company's main Website URL listed on this high traffic Cardiff directory which is Wales' number 1 despository for local business portal which will boost the overall reputation of any company. In addition to the above any business owner or marketing professional can add their company's Social Media Channels to further expand the reach of your organisation based on the visitors coming to the site to look for goods products and services.

To further expand the reach of the company in terms of providing additional value to customers, as they continue to seek out and find local businesses in Cardiff the facility to incorporate a "Deals Page" into the listing enables any organisation to - at their leisure offer special offers and other deals for customer to take advantage of, this has the effect of building a loyal database of customers who take up the special offers and related deals via the company's dedicated deals page, all while allowing the company to keep ALL of the additional revenues that are generated through the special page.

We will also change the status of the business to that of a "Popular Listing" therefore further increasing the quality of the brand in the mind's of the customers. A dedicated user account will be created which will allow the company personnel to log in at any time and update the listings, add in company images to showcase their organisation via this Business Directory Portal.